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29 November 1990
Welcome! ♥

This journal is used to make important announcements, post previews of new chapters, status updates (so you can follow a chapter's progress before it's posted), provide detailed chapter-to-chapter summaries as well as character profiles for all my original characters.

All fan fiction work in this journal pertains to CharacterOC pairings from various fandoms. Most tend to be AU and non-canon to express my creativity, so I hope you can find something you like in these strange stories of mine.

This doubles as a personal journal as well. Most entries will remain public, though there may be a possibility that this becomes friends-only.
About my stories: ♥ I dabble in mysteries. ♥ Even the least important details are important. ♥ I prefer slow-starting romances to the alternative, though I'm no stranger to the latter. ♥ Twists are my forte. ♥ Because a series reads "CharacterOC" doesn't mean the OC will end up with that character in the end, it just signifies the romantic focus. ♥ I enjoy writing triangles, but I always give warnings when there's a possibility of one. ♥ I won't give warnings when I write lemons, though I did do it before, the warning label in the first chapter applies for the rest. If it's Rated M, don't freak out if there's some action somewhere in the story. ♥ I am not opposed to writing yaoi/yuri, but if there is explicit content, I will give a first chapter label as always.
∞ Disclaimer! All sketches/graphics/fanfiction displayed in this journal are of my creation, unless otherwise specified. This doesn't include icons or fanart used in said graphics/banners, again unless I say so, that being said, most come from pictures I've accumulated over the years through google, photobucket, zerochan, pixiv, and at various other sources. All credit goes to the original creator. If by any chance said creator doesn't like their work transformed into graphics and you know it, please inform me through a PM and I will gladly remove them. Also, if you're interested in a particular picture and want to see more from the author, hit me up with a PM and I will tell you direct you in the right direction.
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